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Sport is a Classroom

Sports are universally accepted as a positive outlet for the energies of young people, and are respected for the recreational value provided for the whole family in any community. In academic settings, sports and other extra-curricular activities have been proven to greatly enhance the learning environment, educational process, and improve student performance. Sports gives young people confidence, teaches values, and reduces delinquency by providing young people healthy outlets to their energies. Community recreational sport leagues make communities stronger and more enjoyable places to live. Finally, by building a broad based foundation for sports, this will produce the future pool of players, coaches, fans, and sponsors for professional and national teams.

While sport is an outstanding and vital investment into the community, it also serves as an outstanding classroom for the future of a nation – the young people. Sport represents young people’s lives. Sport is the showcase where young people are given the chance to develop what is of interest to them, at this point of their lives. Sport is the stage where young people have the opportunity to perform and display their talents and character to the world. Sport offers these kids the opportunity to learn the essential qualities and values of hard work, dedication, teamwork, self-discipline, and abiding by rules. These qualities are essential for the success of an individual, but also for the success of family, community and nation. Sport allows the opportunity for young people to gain confidence in order to accept the greater challenges of life ahead. In short, sport is an outstanding instrument to build and shape character of young people and a nation.

The future of a nation is its young people. Today’s young athletes are tomorrow’s professional athletes, coaches, teachers, professionals, businessmen, and government leaders. Now is our brief opportunity to invest our time and resources into their lives while they need us, while they are still young and developing. Now is our opportunity, and even our responsibility to make time for them, and be there for them. It is our duty to lead by example and model to them the virtues of selfless sacrifice and dedication to others by sacrificing and dedicating our time and our resources to them. Such opportunities will ultimately benefit both youth and society by providing healthy outlets for their energies. The unfortunate alternative may be idleness, despair, crime, drugs and alcohol.

Education is the key to the success of the young people and of the nation of Kazakhstan. Today’s students of Kazakhstan have the potential to become tomorrow’s world leaders in the introduction of new technologies, goods, and services in global markets. This mandate can only be accomplished through hard work, dedication, and excellence in academic preparation.

Studies have demonstrated that extra-curricular activities such as interscholastic and intercollegiate sport programs are an extremely valuable asset to the educational process. They provide an outstanding channel for the energies of students and generate greater enthusiasm in the learning process. This results in a more outstanding environment for the educational, social, and moral development of young people. Sport is a vital component of the educational process.

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