Because Ideas Have Consequences

Solutions for the Kazakh Tenge Crisis

Many Kazakhstan citizens live with great uncertainty during the continued instability of the tenge. In order to address this issue, we must be honest in analyzing the causes for this devaluation. This devaluation is largely due to an economy overly-dependent upon oil industry generated revenues. While many other international currencies have largely held their value […]

The Role of the Biblical Faith in Bri...

Recently addressing the ISIS threat and British Muslims becoming radicalized, David Cameron made a startling statement that Christians should be more evangelistic.1 Cameron’s statement acknowledges the fact that culture is what Dr. Glenn Sunshine describes as “the downstream of worldviews.” The role of the Church – the people of God – in society is to […]

Bridging the Divide: A Brief History ...

Rather than barricading ourselves within the confines of the church, Christians must view their business as a calling and an opportunity to bring to light of God into all spheres – business, government, art, music, science, and education – for the benefit of humanity and for the glory of God. This is the cultural mandate […]